Lieutenant Edenost's Personal Logs

The mad, mad life of a creative physicist

Beriani Edenost
30 November
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Wha? Oh. Hey, I'm Beriani Edenost, a lieutenant junior grade in Starfleet, currently serving on station Deep Space Nine as science officer. Lemme tell ya, I sure wasn't expecting that. I specialize in the field of physics, particularly Hamalki physics. My previous assignment was the U.S.S. Vinland. I've made many friends on DS9, ezri_tigan_dax, legate_damar, and kasidy_yates among them.

I act a little different from other Trills because I grew up on Earth. I'd always wanted to be in Starfleet. And before you ask, no, I'm not Joined. Never wanted to be.

I have a pet, a Tarkalean squirrel named Gary. He has green fur and silver eyes and is very, very affectionate, but can be pretty nasty when he's not fed. I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm the pet...*laughs*

There he is! Actually a Feorag from Zetapets and a Miako from Dizzypets.